Shawne Elizabeth prides herself on delivering a challenging and complete programme of study.

Basic vocal technique includes ways for singers to develop support, improve their range, breath control, focus, placement, vocal timbre, languages and interpretive skills. Students also receive historical context, genre classification, musical styles information, a cross section of basic vocal rep from Baroque through French and German and English Art Song, American Musicals, Twentieth Century, Operetta, Oratorio and finally Opera.

Basic theory is taught in context of learning new repertoire. Students are encouraged to write down essential points of technique so they can remember them and will record second languages and accompaniments as useful learning accessories.

Vocal health and performance issues are considered as well as opportunities to sing in yearly recitals and various vocal festivals.  A listening component of CDs and live performance rounds out the experience.

Remedial and advanced professional studies are also available.

For more information, and to consider your specific needs, please contact Shawne Elizabeth.